First Consultation:

The initial consultation is an hour long consultation. It consists of a body composition analysis, weight, medical and dietary history. This helps me to create an individualised nutrition plan to help you meet your nutrition goals.  A week after the initial consultation, a meal plan as well as recipes will be emailed to you.


Follow Up Consultation:

Follow up consultations are 30 minutes’ long and consist of a body composition analysis, answering any questions you may have, a diet history of the past few days and altering the nutrition plan if needed. If your nutrition goals are met, then new nutrition goals are made.


Body Composition Analysis:

This is a 15-minute consultation that only consists of a body composition analysis. This does not include an individualised nutrition plan but allows you to track your progress.


What Equipment Do I use?

The Inbody 120:

During my consultations I use the Inbody 120 to give a body composition analysis. This scale not only measures your weight and BMI but shows you your skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass, total body water and visceral fat. It can also show you exactly where the lean muscle mass and fat is distributed in your body.